Due to safety threats in Brussels on November 26 and 27, the symposium is rescheduled on February 2016, 8 and 9.
Registration is reopened until January 8, 2016.

20th Annual Symposium of the IEEE Photonics Benelux Chapter

8–9 February 2016
Brussels, Belgium

Welcome to the website of the 20th Annual Symposium of the IEEE Photonics Benelux Chapter, which is organized by OPERA-photonics at Université libre de Bruxelles (U.L.B.).

This year the symposium takes place on a Monday afternoon and evening and a Tuesday full day. The symposium is a great way to explore what is happening in photonics in the Benelux.

The 2015 edition, will be very special for two reasons:
  • 2015 coincides with the 20th anniversary of the symposium;
  • 2015 is the International Year of Light (IYL2015).

Besides the scientific activities, we would also like to draw your attention to the social and networking opportunities. After the opening session on Monday, there will be a dinner, followed by invited talks and a poster session with drinks and snacks. On Tuesday there will be a mix of invited and contributed talks and a lunch with a second poster session.

The following invited speakers will present their talks on the symposium:

Prof. Dr Diana Huffaker Dr Marianna Pantouvaki Prof. Dr Sylvie Lebrun Prof. Dr Hugues de Riedmatten
University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), USA IMEC, Belgium Université Paris Sud, France ICFO, Spain
Patterned III-V Nanopillars: A platform for integrated optoelectronic devices Beyond silicon CMOS photonics: a technology for future short distance system interconnects Wavelength converters for biophotonic applications Photonic Quantum Memories for Quantum Information Networks

The following invited speakers will present their talks for the International year of light event:

Prof. Dr Brian Culshaw Prof. Dr Michel Joindot Prof. Dr Cees Ronda Prof. Dr Orazio Svelto
Strathclyde Engineering Faculty, Glasgow, UK ENSSAT, France Philips, Germany Polytechnic Institute Milan, Italy
Optical fibre sensing - where might it lead?

Optical fibre sensing has been with us for almost half a century during which the technology has made important, if specialised, contributions to measurement techniques. The aim of this talk will be to assess these contributions and thereafter to suggest possible avenues for the future combining guided wave optical sensing with emerging societal needs and photonics technologies.

Optical Communications: a key technology for telecommunication networks. History, present and possible future

This presentation will sweep the history of optical communications, starting form the basic research of the seventies and the first systems in the eighties up to the last developments of 2015. The major technical milestones, like WDM and optical amplification, will be put in evidence and the deep change in network structure related to the introduction of optical systems will be explained.

After this historical presentation, the second part will be devoted to the place of optical communication in the networks today and finally we will try to draw some evolutions for the future.

Lighting research: a historical perspective
The laser: a bright solution looking for a problem

After more than 50 years since its invention, the laser continues to create around itself a mixed atmosphere of curiosity and wonder. Curiosity mostly comes from the fact that new lasers are still being invented and new, quite fascinating, applications developed. Wonder essentially comes from the pervasive character of the laser: there is, in fact, no field of science and technology which has not been influenced, often fundamentally, by this revolutionary invention. To celebrate the international year of light, this talk will review some early beginning of laser developments and applications, with anecdotes and curiosities coming from the author’s personal experience.

On behalf of the conference organizing committee, I welcome you to the symposium in the city of Brussels, Belgium.


Pascal Kockaert


Brussels polytechnic school
Université libre de Bruxelles

50, Av. F.D. Roosevelt CP194/5
B1050 Brussels, Belgium